MUSIC influenced by blues, Americana, jazz, and psychedelic rock, with songs about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Smooth bluesy leads spiked with a Folky, jazz rock feel, bouncy bass, and sweet vocal harmonies round out the tunes, mixing into a unique, but familiar sound    


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NYE 2021-2022 Improvised Guitar Jam 1

Ian Gaddie

First installment of the improvised jam sessions with Ian Gaddie..New Years Eve solo set, the recorder was turned on and this is what happened, unrehearsed, unscripted free flow original instrumental jams. Please enjoy the sounds, great for background music, work out and vibe uplifting!

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the DIGaddie tunes


excited to share the newest album with you!!

Music powered by the sun, weathered by the road, and recorded here there and yonder. From the mountains of the inland northwest, to the deserts of Arizona and all the spaces in between. Blues, jazz improvisation, folk, and psychedelic rock.

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